Cummins Diesel Repowers
by Auto World

The Original Cummins Conversions Company          

Owner Ken Kraus's diesel background comes from the BIG diesels - the family business - heavy highway construction.  In 1988 a visit to Rocky Mountain Cummins for some diesel parts ended in the Kraus's taking home a new 1989 Cummins. Our friend Scott Bentz (now regional manager) said, the Dodge truck is going to be running one of those - well, 2 months later the 86 Chevy above had one in place of the gas guzzling 454.  With dragracing being the passion, it became the pulling truck to go to the dragstrip.  In 1989 Ken and his brother Dave decided to retire from construction and sell the company - a visit to the local speed shop for some nitrous for the race car resulted in a new career - Ken and Dawna buying the store - Auto World.
In 1991 the decision for his safety resulted in upgrading to a funny car - then a crew cab pickup was in order,
and we built an alcohol dragster for Dawna.  The black 73 Chevy dually was bought, upgraded with a 91 front
clip and of course a 97 Cummins, NV4500 and a Gearvendors overdrive - then the 86 was sold, it went to
Minneapolis where it is still smoking up the streets.  The trade shows and fairs were a venue for promoting our
store so we showed our truck because it was accessorized and people began asking "can you do that to my
truck?" and THE CRAZE WAS BORN. We have done hundreds of miles of traveling with the race cars from Edmonton to Tucson exposing the conversions - everywhere we went, someone wanted it done to theirs. Then in 98 Ken was asked to drive (very successfully)  for the Top Alcohol Team - Renegade/Synoil Racing - again, the dually went all over the northwest unless we needed to fly (Indy, Vegas, Pomona) more and more repower jobs and word of mouth spreading!
Then, the internet came along, chat rooms and our website.  Our conversions, parts for DIY projects exploded
in popularity.  Through the years we have done projects of all kinds, from bale handlers, mini-dumptrucks, 2 tons, motorhomes, Hummers, classis trucks, new trucks and now our dragster.  When Destroked came out 
with his transmission adapters - we had even more options to use stock transmissions!  They have grown into
a fine company with great products, some of our designs and information shared with them ONLY - we are
proud to be associated with Scott and his crew! 
Over the last 22 years we have developed motor mounts, crossmembers for the older trucks, oem accessory brackets, tack adapter kits and much more for almost any project and continue to R&D every day - there are
copies (unauthorized) but they are not up to our quality - buyer beware!  With user friendly parts for the DIY
crowd and some fine shops tutored along the way, the cummins conversion can be a reality for almost any
project - SO - check the rest, then come to the BEST!!!!