Cummins Diesel Repowers
Diesel Dragster

Our background is in dragracing - so, we decided to take my ex-alcohol dragster and do what we do best, repower it.
For the 2011 season we started with a 2005 Cummins, Allison Automatic, ATS converter & Co-Pilot, Strange Rearend, Edge.
Scott at Destroked built us a special mid-plate, the transmission & oil relocation set.  Painless gave us our harness, control panel & alternator, Airdog provided a Airdog 2, Interstate gave us 2 batteries, ATS provided the Converter & Co-Pilot, just a little programming by Edge - pretty much all stock.
THANKS so much to these awesome sponsors!

The bugs are all worked out - so now, the engine comes out and goes in a 6.0 Ford Sportmobile. NOW we build a RACE Cummins...:) upgrading to Scott's ZEUS ECM, Allison is going to get some extra clutches - going to put some power' to the ground now....!!


Looking forward to 2012 -
I like to go FAST!!!
Dawna Kraus- driver

      2012 NHRDA Big Sky Truck Fest - Aug 25, 2012
                         Top Diesel Winner

2012 - The new engine build:


We are starting with a 2005 Cummins 5.9 block - with advice from Lenny and Nick at Dynomite Diesel, Hasley, Joe Hellman, Ind Injection, Brad @ G&J, and....... the build starts with cutting off the stock intake and it is apparent why #1 and #6 are the problem with these engines.  Pat uses our milling machine and machines the block and the new Hellmann intake drops right on, he also prepares the bottom end for the Gorilla Girdle - then it goes up to Automotive Machine for the honing for the .40 over 03/04 Marine Pistons omg they are HUGE!

Along with the pistons, were the R&R billet steel rods, hardened push rods, new rockers, ARP head studs, Haisley Fire Ring set and the Hamilton race cam, assembly was done by Brad Tacke at Automotive Machine - here in Great Falls.    Then back to our shop for final assembly......
In go the Dynomite Diesel Race Injectors - 32mm and on go the Industrial Injection Race Compound Turbos.....

After being set in the chassis, the intake crossover is built and HP high psi hoses installed - the Bean's Diesel emergency shut off is modified for our application and installed

We had to build an exhaust pipe (MBRP is building us a custom one now), then the evac tank.  On goes the Zeus ECM....

Next go on the two new CP3 pumps and the ATS dual pump kit...the plumbing is done with XRP fittings and hoses

the parachute goes on, body back togeather - everything else wrapped up and we head to the track.....

We run an easy 9.8  seconds right out of the trailer and 145mph.  We go out several times, i run super-pro, won quite a few rounds - the car got faster and faster - but only down to a 9.0 ...we are still spinning in 2nd, 3rd and 4th
new purchase, EFI live to tune the trans shift points - Clint Cannon at ATS writes me a couple tunes - things get
better....but we have a ways to go...NEXT YR we will
get it right - wheel speed needs to be optimal but......

and...we have a great NHRDA event 8/25/12