This beautiful 03 Ford lives in Moose Jaw, Sask, Canada.  Randy did his research and chose us to install his 03 Cummins.  Along with his motor, we used the Destroked 5R110 adapter and flexplate, and ATS''s converter "fummins" style along with the PCS controller.  We also added the Edge Juice with Attitude for a little tuning and aftermarket cruise control..He tells us he is getting over 20 mpg  Shown here with his wife, Lynette - they are happy to be taking their ex-6.0L home!  October 2011
It's now a HUMMINS - Marty and his 03 Hummer live in Calgary, Ab, CANADA.  Tired of the 6.0L gas and its 4 mpg - he called and asked if we'd ever done a Hummer - uh yah.  We installed a fresh 2005 Cummins Commonrail, an Allison transmission adapted with the Destroked adapter, flexplate, starter & XFC Controller, then changed the transfer case to a manual -- eliminating the all-wheel drive and helping create the 22 mpg he's getting now.  This requires a 4" suspension lift  - the space issue forces us to use electric fans (which we usually don't like to do) so, there's THREE flexalite fans with a controller along with a custom made Turbonetics innercooler and radiator - Marty is all smiles, here with tech Jeremy - heading home!  He says his friends are jelous.. September 2011

This 96 Suburban came over with its 6.5 blown up - Chad brought his 93 12 valve to be installed, we upgraded the injectors and set it up to run great and get good mileage, he also had us take out the automatic and install an NV4500 - this requires adding pedals along with a Soutbend clutch set. This busy oilfield mechanic was happy to get his "Subbins" back to carry his big family around ((six kids)) Shown here with Joey, Jr tech - ready to go home!  July 2011

Cummins Diesel Repowers

Alan P brought us this gorgeous 99 Suburban that has belonged to his dad since it was new.  The 6.5 always had heating  issues, not a good thing in Arizona.  We installed a fresh rebuild 97 Cummins using his 4L80E Automatic.  We used Destroked transmission adapter and flexplate, PA Performance starter controlled with the PCS laptop controller and TPS.  Rostra cruise control for highway driving since  he still drives his father around, he didn't want a lift or cowl hood so we changed out the AC unit to a side mount to clear the hood using our motor mounts and accessory brackets - he is another happy "Subbins" owner! June 2011
Brent S from Taber, Ab Canada came down with his 08 F150 5.4L automatic - he also brought along a new rotary style 4BT.  We installed the motor and used the 4R70W automatic transmission, adapted with the Destroked plate and flexplate and start it with a PA Performance starter. We are using the PCS laptop controller and TPS. We also added a Steed Speed manifold designed for us - now a new product available and mounted the stock Dodge AC and Ford alternator with our bracket, running the tack with our kit & our mounts He is happily cruising around Canada at 34MPG.