Cummins Diesel Repowers

We are now able to use stock transmissions in these repowers now that Scott at Destroked has joined the Cummins repower craze with his quality transmission adapters.  For many years we only used the Dodge NV4500's and NV5600's but now we all have the option of keeping that part of the repower in stock form.  They have many adapters available now and is the ONLY adapter that we will use and sell.  Along with the PA Performance high-torque mini starter and PCS's transmission controllers for the automatics - use of the OEM transmission is now a breeze!   Converters can be upgraded at this time.  Stock converters work alright but we prefer to upgrade the gas models to a diesel converter.  The Ford 5R110 REQUIRES a converter change..  ATS and Precision both have this model converter.
Transfer Case Adapters Available   (Destroked)